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If you're looking for Ryan Dimmick, you found me...
(However, if you're trying to hunt me down, this is another dead end)

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This site is for visitors as well as family and friends. If your last name is Dimmick (Dimick, Dimock, Dimmock, etc.) Riggs or Lightcap, please check out the Images and Files page and family trees.

I haven't been keeping up with the research for a while, but I hope this site is a valuable resource for those who are. Feel free to email me with questions, I'm always happy to look things up on an as-needed basis!

Thanks for visiting!

Descendants of Thomas Dymoke

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THS Tiger
Great genealogy site for several families. Names like Cleveland, Ayre, Cook, Hoover, Kingston, Rosengrant and Traver.

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