~*heyy peepz*~

  u found me, Caitlin!



    now that ur here u can read about me:


About me: 

Heyy, my name is Caitlin. U can call me Kaity, Kaitylynn, Kaitydee, Kate, kk, or just Caitlin. My last name is named after Dimmick park but my family dosnt know yet if we are related to Moris J. Dimmick, so dont ASK! Im a great cook. I can make delicious fruit smoothies, milkshakess, alfredo, noodles, mac nd chease, cakes, brownies, nd rice. My personality is awesome. Theres so much behind this quiet smile, u have NO idea. Insidee me there is a buncha craZy, wild, loud, and funn stuff waitin to come out. 



My favorite movies are action, horror, romance, and comedy. My fav movies under the category action are get smart, daredevil, elektra, spiderman and matrix. Under horror i like the ring, one missed call, the happening, the mist, and war of the worlds. I dont think i have a fav romance movie, so dont ask me! But my fav comedy movies are get smart, and superhero movie. 



Musik is my lifee. I will die without it. I love rock, medal, heavy medal, and pop. I dont like country or rap alot. But the musik i like would have to be paramore, rihanna, green day, nickelback, the pussycat dolls, drake bell, chris brown, colbie calliat, and taylor swift. I have more favorite bands, but those are just some. I have an electric guitar that i've had for about a yr now. I can play 3 real songs on it from green day.



My favorite Tv shows that i like to watch would have to be nick, tennick, fear factor, news, animal planet, discovery channel, adult swim, TNT, TBS, comedy central and fox. I dont have that many favorite Tv shows cause normally i watch anything that looks interesting.


I'd like to meet:

Famous ppl, DUH! Like all my fav singers, actors, and actresses.



My fwends. They showed me how kind and generous and funn they really are to me.




  is my e-mail