Dimmick Images & Files

This page contains photos, records and files that you can download. Just click on the name of the file to open it. Once you have it open, you can right click on it and click on "save as" to save it on your hard drive. Some of the files are zipped using WinZip. Click here to download WinZip.


Georgia Anna (826K)- Georgia Anna (Dimick) Savercool and her children Jessie, Ellen, and Gertrude.


Mathew and Josephine Dimmick (204K)- Mathew, son of David (Daniel) and Rebecca, born 1847, and his wife Josephine.


Harrison Dimick and Family 1917 (685K) - Harrison and Charlotte, Ott, Mabel, Clara, Nellie, Anne, May, William, Frank and Fred's portrait. Taken in Addison, NY presumably at Fred's funeral. 


O. J. and H.S. Dimick Grave (49K)


Harrison Dimick's Grave (225K) - Harrison born 1844, Son of David (Daniel) and Rebecca.


Breslin - Dimmick Grave (118K) - The Breslin-Dimmick grave is in the old St. Joseph's cemetery in the South Side of Easton, PA. No records could be found to put first names to either Breslin or Dimmick. Thought to be John Dimmick, born 1859/1860, son of Anthony Dimmick who came over from Germany. The Breslin could be the maiden name of the wife, which would be Mary. Could also be Lena, Charles, or Joseph, if I had to guess.





Harrison Dimick:

Service records for Harrison Dimick 1863 (331K)

Service records for Harrison Dimick 1864 (207K)


Mathew Dimick:

Service record for Mathew Dimick 1 (454K)

Service record for Mathew Dimick 2 (454K)

Service record for Mathew Dimick 3 (454K)

Service record for Mathew Dimick 4 (454K)



Family Trees in Word format

(these can be provided in another format on request)

Sceaf to Dimmick tree (147K zipped) - This is the lineage of my oldest known relative. It starts with a guy named Sceaf. Who knows when he was born, I estimate somewhere around the time Christ was born. This tree includes Thomas Dymoke's family, of which I am a part. It does not include all of Thomas Dymoke's ancestors. That is in the next document. (or open the 744K unzipped version)


Ancestors of Thomas Dymoke (69K zipped) - This Word document takes Thomas' line back to Sceaf, and to his other ancestral lines. (or open the 367K unzipped version)


Family Trees - PAF and GED files


Thomas Dymoke GED file (updated 5/3/02)

Thomas Dymoke PAF file (updated 5/3/02)

This is Thomas Dymoke's family tree. It is a work in progress. I have entered all that I have up to Generation 4, but have lots of info past that to enter yet. Check back once in a while to see if I have updated it.


These trees also contain the Lightcap family tree. I don't have near as much on the Lightcaps as I do on the Dimmicks, but as with everything else, I'm working on it.

In all of these family trees, I have removed information using the following convention (unless otherwise requested):

No one shows up who was born after 1990.

No birth dates are given for anyone born after 1940.

No marriage dates are given for anyone married after 1960.

If I have missed anything, please let me know. If you would like your information removed from, or put back into this document, I will gladly do that. Just let me know via e-mail. I also look forward to hearing of any corrections or additions that you may have for me, as well as feedback about the website.