Genealogy Software

Tracing your family tree can be both easy and fun. This collection of software is meant to make it both. The links on this page aren't guaranteed, so if you find any that no longer work, please let me know.

Some of this software is to help you in your quest for information, some to help you store it, and some to help you do something interesting or fun with it. Some is free and some costs money. Oh well, them's the breaks.

Info Gathering Sites

Family Search
- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This website has lots of software that can be purchased, including census and vital records, immigration records, and other stuff.

Cemetery Records
- THS Tiger's web site. Genealogy for many surnames as well lots of cemetery records.

Census Records Online
- View images of past US census records. It's a work in process and is not complete, but it contains lots of census records. This is an extreemely useful tool when trying to trace your family tree.

Family Tree Databases


There are three databases that I am aware of. Family Tree Maker (FTM), Family Origins, and Personal Ancestral File (PAF). FTM seems to be the most popular, and PAF is the least expensive. FTM and Family Origins are self contained, while PAF is split into two parts, the database and the printing software. The PAF database itself is free, but the software to print files, graphs and charts cost me about $15.

Family Tree Maker


Personal Ancestral File

Family Origins

Fun Stuff


Once you have found all those distant relatives, and they've e-mailed you pictures of themselves and their families, why not make a slide show? To learn how, go to

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