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The Dimmick Family Tree


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3-1       Thomas3 Dimick (Dimmock) (Shubael2, Thomas1), son of (2-1) Shubael and Joanna Bursley, b.-4 Apr 1664         

            Barnstable, MA, d.-9 Sept 1697, age 33 yrs, killed in King William’s War in a battle with French and Indians at 

            Canso, ME, m.-1686, Desire Sturgis, a lineal descendant of John Howland of the Mayflower. Her parents were 

            Edward Sturgis, Jr. and Temperance Gorham. He was in the whale fishery business. Desire Dirnick m.2-John 

            Thatcher, 10 Nov 1698. Thomas was known as Captain Thomas Dimick. He wrote his name as Dimmack, Dimock 

            and Dimmock.


            Children of Thomas Dimick and Desire Sturgis, all b. Barnstable, MA:

                        1)    Mehitable: b.-Oct 1686, d.-May 1775, Barnstable, MA, m.-13 Aug 1705 in Barnstable, MA,                                Capt. John Davis, 10 ch. (Ref. Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 33, p.ll9).

            2)    Temperance: b.-June 1689, d.-29 Sept 1773, age 85 yrs, m.-2 June 1709, Benjamin Freeman

 4-1      3)    Edward: b.-5 July 1692, d.-17 June 1745, m.-Hannah Lewis

 4-2      4)    Thomas: b.-25 Dec 1694, d.-26 July 1740, m.-Anna Mason

            5)     Desire: b.-Feb 1696, d.-28 Jan 1733, m.4 Dec 1719, Job Gorham


3-2       John3 G. Dimick (Dimuck/Dimock/Dimmock) (Shubael2, Thomasl), son of (2-1) Shubael Dimick and Joanna Bursley, b.- Jan 1666 Barnstable, MA, d.-16 Dec 1756, age 72 yrs, Falmouth, MA, m.-16 Nov 1689, Barnstable, MA, Elizabeth Lumbert (Lambert, Lombard). He was born and lived in Barnstable, MA until Oct 1709 when they moved to Falmouth, MA. He was a farmer. He also wrote his name as Demock and Demik.


            Children of John G. Dimick and Elizabetb Lumbert, all b. Barnstable, MA, except last 3 b. Falmouth, MA:

             1) Sarah: b.-2 Aug 1691, m.-Mr. Green

             2)  Anna: b.-31 July 1692, d.-2 Jan 1773, Falmouth, MA, m.-5 Mar 1719, Jabez Davis, 8 ch. Her                   dau. Zeriah m. (5-7) Theophilus Dimick.

            3)  Mary: b.-June 1694, bp.-19 Aug 1694, m.-27 Apr 1726, Falmouth, MA, Benjamin Davis bro.                        of Jabez Davis who m. (3-2-2) Anna, 4 ch.

 4-3      4)  Theophilus: b.-Sept 1696, d.-1760, Oswego, NY, m.-Sarah Hinckley

 4-4      5) Timothy: b.-16 July 1698, d.-27 Dec 1783, m.-Ann Bradford

             6) Ebenezer: b.-Feb 1700, bp.-24 Mar 1700, d.-18 Apr 1775, m.-6 Dec 1744, Hannah Crocker                             Robinson, no ch.

             7) Thankful: b.-5 Apr 1702, d.-26 Apr 1775, m.-10 Oct 1723 Rowland Robinson, 3 ch.

             8) Elizabeth: b.-20 Apr 1704, m.-26 Sept 1750, Falmouth, MA, John Lovell

             9) David: bp.-19 May 1706

            10) Shubael: bp.-22 June 1707

            11) Temperance: b.-6 Jan 1710, m.-28 Feb 1734, Falmouth, MA, David Butler

            12) Benjamin: b.-6 Feb 1713, d.-ca 1784, Willington, CT, m.-20 Sept 1747 Sarah Dexter. In                            1782 they moved to Willington, CT. no ch.

            13) Hannah: bp.-13 Nov 1691, died young


 3-3     Timothy3 Dimick (Dimmick/Dimmock) (Shubael2, Thomas')(called Senator), son of (2-1) Shubael and Joanna Bursley, b.-Mar 1668, Barnstable, MA., d.-5 Mar 1718 Ashford, CT, m.1-ca 1698, Bethia Chipman (Mayflower descendant)(she b.1 July 1666, 1702), m.2-Elizabeth Gale, no ch., m.3-10  Dec 1700, Windham, CT, Abigail Doane. Timothy lived in Mansfeld, CT and in 1717 moved to Ashford, CT where he died. Abigail's m.2-Benjamin Follett of Windham, CT. Follett's dau. Elizabeth m.-(4-10) Israel Dimick. NOTE: Eastham and Orleans, MA, vital records show "Timothy Dimock and Abigail Doan m.-17 Mar 1702/03".


            Children of Timothy Dimick and Bethia Chipman, b. Mansfield, CT:

             4-5      1) Jabez: b.-ca 1699, m.-Mary Marcy Newcomb

                         2) Silence: b.-ca 1700, d.-after 1741, Middlesex, CT, m.-1 Feb 1721, Harwich, CT, Nathaniel Rogers, 8                               ch. (Ref. received 25 May 1995 from Warren L. Forsythe, Box 1299, Ellensburg, WA, 98926-1299).


            Children of Timothy Dimick and Abigail Doane, all b. Mansfield, CT:

            4-6      1) Timothy: b.-2 June 1703, d.-1741, m.-Miriam Fuller

            4-7      2) John: b.-3 Jan 1705, d.-23 June 1789, Sullivan, NH, m.-Hannah Kendall.

            4-8      3) Shubael: b.-27 May 1707, d.-24 May 1781, Scotch Village, Hants Co., Nova Scotia. m x 3.

            4-9      4) Daniel: b.-28 Jan 1710, d.-3 Oct 1757, m.-Mary Terrell

            4-10   5) Israel: b.-22 Dec 1712, d.-10 Mar 1788, m.- Elizabeth Follett.

            4-11    6) Ebenezer: b.-22 Nov 1715, d.-1 Dec 1802, m.-Mary E. Keyes


3-4       Shubael3 Dimick, II (Dimmock) (Shubael2, Thomas'), son of (2-1) Shubael Dimick and Joanna Bursley, b.-Feb 1673, Barnstable, MA, d.-16 Dec 1728, Barnstable, MA, age 55 yrs, m.-4 May 1699, Barnstable, MA, Tabitha Lothrop. Both are buried in ancient graveyard on Old Meeting House Hill, Barnstable, MA.


            NOTE: Tabitha Lothrop was dau. of Meletiah Lothrop, a descendant of Rev. John Lothrop. She b.-3 Apr 1671 and  

            d.-24 July 1727.


            Children of Shubael Dimick, II and Tabitha Lothrop, all b. Barnstable, MA:

           4-12   1) Samuel: b.-17 May 1702, d. 1775, Rocky Hill, CT

                       2) David: bp.-l l June 1704, d. young

           4-14   3) Shubael, m b.-Apr 1706, d.-26 June 1788, age 82 yrs, Mansfield, CT, m.-Esther Pierce 25 Jan 1739,                                    Mansfield, CT

                      4) Joanna: b.-24 Dec 1708, d.-Jan 1709 three weeks of age

                      5) Mehitable: b.-20 June 1711, d.-?


3-5       Joseph3 Dimick (Dimmock) (Shubael2, Thomas'), son of (2-1) Shubael Dimick and Joanna Bursley, b.-Sept 1675, Barnstable, MA, d.-1724, East Haddam, CT, (Ref. Denise M. Tyler, 5-29-5), m.-12 May 1699, Barnstable, MA, Lydia Fuller, (also listed in Sandwich, MA, vital records as 17 May 1699). Joseph was a shoemaker. Lydia Fuller was dau. of Dr. John Fuller and his first wife, Bethia. Dr. Fuller was son of Dr. Matthew Fuller and grandson of Edward Fuller, who came on the Mayflower. Joseph resided in the East Parish (Barnstable) until moving to E. Haddam, CT.


            Children of Joseph Dimick and Lydia Fuller, all b. Barnstable, MA:

            4-16   1) Thomas: b.-26 Jan 1700, m-Lydia Meacham

                       2) Bethiah: b.-3 Feb 1702, m.-1726, Samuel Annable, lived in Scotland, CT

                       3) Mehitable: b.-22 Mar 1707, d.-13 Mar 1729, m.-6 May 1727, Barnstable, MA, Thomas Crocker, 2                            ch.

            4-15   4) Ensign: b.-8 Mar 1709, m.-19 Oct 1731, Abigail Tobey

                      5) Ichabod: b.-8 Mar 1711, m.-11 Sept 1738, Boston, MA, Desire Buck 6) Abigail: b.-30 June 1714, d.-                            ca 1788, m.-1 Apr 1748, Barnstable, MA, Thomas Annable (his 3rd wife), 2 ch.

                      7) Pharoh: b.-2 Sept 1717

                      8) David: b.-22 Dec 1721, d.-ca 1758, age 35 yrs, m.-14 Oct 1746, Barnstable, MA, Thankful Cobb.                                  Both David and Thankful are buried in Cobb's Hill Cemetery, Barnstable, MA, ch.? (source:                                      Barnstable Probate Records, Vol. 9, p.401, Vol. 10, p.ll).


3-6       Benjamin3 Dimick (Dimmock) (Shubael2, Thomas1, son of (2-1) Shubael Dimick and Joanna Bursley, b.-10 Mar 1680, Barnstable, MA, d.-30 June 1751, age 71 yrs., buried in Gurley Cemetery, Mansfield, CT, m.1-ca 1702, Mary Thatcher (she b.8 Mar 1681, d.l725), m.2-Feb 1719, Elizabeth ? . No ch., They lived in Mansfield, CT.


             Children of Benjamin Dimick and Mary Thatcher, all b. Mansfield, CT:

             4-17   1) Perez: b.-18 June 1704, m.-Mary Bayley

                        2) Mehitable: b.-8 June 1706, d.-6 Dec 1713, age 7 yrs.

                        3) Peter: b.-5 June 1708, d.-Aug 1714, age 6 yrs.

                        4) Mary: b.-14 Sept 1710, d.-?, m.l-10 Oct 1734, David Brewster, Lebanon, CT, m.2- Benjamin Case

                        5) Joannah: b. and d.-26 Mar 1713

             4-18   6) Shubael: b.-22 June 1715, d.-1797 Brimfield, MA., m.-Phebe Manley

                        7) Mehitable: b.-6 Aug 1719, m.-5 Nov 1747, Lebanon, CT, Benjamin Paine

   4-19   8) Peter: b.-15 Sept 1717, d.-30 July 1810, m.-Elizabeth Chamberlain

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