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4-1       Edward4 Dimick (Dimmock) (Thomas3, Shubael2, Thomas'), son of (3-1) Thomas Dimick and Desire Sturgis, b.-5 July 1692, Barnstable, MA, d.-17 June 1745 died on expedition at Louisburg, Cape Breton, Novia Scotia, m.-1720, Hannah Lewis. He was lieutenant in the Militia. (P. 343-Gen. Notes of Barnstable Families, Amos Otis). He was Captain of First Co. Seventh Mass. Reg. in expedition against Louisburg.


Children of Edward Dimick and Hannah Lewis, all b. Barnstable, MA:

1) Anna: b.-23 Nov 1721, d.-6 Aug 1807, Pittston, ME, m.-7 Mar 1749, Barnstable, MA, Thomas Agrey


2) Thomas: b.-25 July 1725, died young

3) Edward: b.-17 Mar 1726, died young

5-1       4) Thomas: b.-16 Mar 1727, Barnstable, MA, d.-19 Sept 1806, age 79, Barnstable, MA, m.

Elizabeth Bacon

5) Desire (Desiah): b.-6 Aug 1730, d.-1818, m.-7 Dec 1749, Samuel Annabell, Jr., Barnstable, MA

6) Edward:

7) Charles:

8) Constant:

9) Mary (Molly): b.-6 Dec 1738, d.-8 Sept 1827 Ashfield, MA, m.-19 July 1763, Lt. John Ellis,

Ashfield, MA, 7 ch.


4-2       Thomas4 Dimick (Dimmock, Dimmuck) (Ensign) (Thomas3, Shubael2, Thomasl), son of (3-1) Thomas Dimick and Desire Sturgis, b.-25 Dec 1694, Barnstable, MA, d.-26 July 1741 of Yellow fever in Cuba at age 47 yrs., m.-9 Nov 1720, Mansfield, CT, Anna Mason(she b.1704, Barnstable, MA). Thomas was a Selectman in the town of Mansfield in 1733. A force of 3,000 volunteers from South Carolina to NH and a force of regulars from England attacked Cuba. Yellow fever attacked the troops and barely 1300 returned home. He was Ensign in the King's Service.


Children of Thomas Dimick and Anna Mason, all b. Mansfield, CT:

1) Silas: b.-19 Nov 1721, d.-31 Dec 1721 at 6 wks of age

2) Silas: b.-3 Oct 1722, d.-6 Oct 1722, at 3 days of age.

3) Thomas: b.-25 Oct 1723, d.-25 Nov 1726, age 3 yrs.

5-2       4) Jesse: b.-6 Feb 1726, Mansfield, CT

5) Anne (Anna): b.-22 Feb 1728

5-3       6) Thomas: b.-27 Mar 1730 Mansfield, CT, d.-10 Jan 1771, Mansfield, CT, m.1-? Lane, m.2-

Sybil Payne

7) Desire: b.-23 Jan 1733, d.-9 May 1809, m.-11 Mar 1749, Coventry, CT, (5-11) Timothy Dimick

5-4       8) Lot: b.-14 Feb 1734, d.-24 Apr 1792, m.-Hannah Gurley

9) Seth: b.-1 June 1736, d.-4 July 1748, age 12 yrs.

5-5       10) Hezekiah: b.-3 Dec 1739, m.-Alice Ripley


4-3       Theophilus4 Dimick (Dimmuck/Dimmock) (John3, Shubael2, Thomas'), son of (3-2) John Dimick and Elizabeth Lumbert, b.-Sept 1696, Barnstable, MA, d.-1760, Oswego, NY, m.-1 Oct 1722, Barnstable, MA, Sarah Hinckley. They resided in Barnstable, MA, Falmouth, MA and later Oswego, NY.


Children of Theophilus Dimick and Sarah Hinckley, all b. Falmouth, MA:


5-6       1) David: b.-1734/5

2) John: b.-1723

5-7       3) Theophilus, Jr.: b.-1727, d.-31 May 1765, m.-Zeriah Davis

4) Thomas: b.- 16 Mar 1729

5-8       5) Ebenezer: b.-1731, d.-?, m.-Tabitha Robinson

5-9       6) Joseph (General): b.-2 Mar 1734, d.-28 Sept 1822, m.-Mary Meiggs

            5-10     7) Lot (Captain): b.-1737, d.-15 June 1816, m.-Fear Fish

                        8) Sarah: bp.-13 Jan 1740, d.-14 Oct 1817, Falmouth, age 78 yrs, m.-27 Nov 1760, Falmouth,                                             MA, Samuel Fish, Jr., 8 ch.

                        9) Temperance: b.-15 Jan 1741, d.-23 June 1823, age 82 yrs, Falmouth, MA, m.-19 May 1763,                                       Falmouth, MA, David Gifford, 10 ch.


4-4       Timothy4 Dimick (Dimmock/Dimmick) (John3, Shubael2, Thomas1), son of (3-2) John Dimick and Elizabeth Lumbert, b.-16 July 1698 Barnstable, MA, d.-27 Dec 1783, Mansfield, CT, m.-15 Aug 1723, Mansfield, CT to Ann Bradford (descendant of Gov. Bradford of the Mayflower). Settled in Mansfield, CT in 1721. He was a soldier in the French and Indian War and Rev. War. Both Timothy and Ann are buried in Gurley Cemetery, N.W. Mansfield, CT. Ann Dimick d.-9 Oct 1788, age 92 yrs.


             Children of Timothy Dimick and Ann Bradford, all b. Mansfield, CT:

                        1)  Ann: b.-23 May 1724, d.-15 Feb 1779, Ellington, CT, m.-2 Sept 1740, Mansfield, CT,  Ebenezer 

                            Clark, 13 ch.

            5-11    2) Timothy: b.-8 Apr 1726

            5-12    3) John: b.-24 Mar 1728, m.-Hannah Smith

                        4) Joanna: b.-28 Aug 1730, d.-?, m.-19 Jan 1749 John Babcock, 8 ch.

                        5) Josiah (Joseph): b.-2 Mar 17.33, d.-24 Dec 1817, age 84 yrs. Mansfield, CT

                        6) Simeon: b.-l9 Sept 1735, d.-9 Mar 1738, age 3 yrs.

                        7) Silvanus: b.-18 June 1738

            5-13    8) Oliver: b.-31 Dec 1740, m.-Sarah Gurley

            5-14    9) Daniel: b.-13 May 1743, d.-1774, m.-Phebe Turner


4-5       Jabez4 Dimick (Dimmick/Dimmock) (Timothy3, Shubael2, Thomas'), son of (3-3) Timothy Dimick and Bethia Chipman,, Mansfield, CT, ch.-5 Oct 1719, Boston, MA, d.-ca 1738 at sea, m.-5 Dec 1722, Boston,  MA, Mary Marcy Newcomb (she b.4 Mar 1701, Sandwich, MA, d.- ?. Jabez was a ship wright. Later moved from Boston to Falmouth, ME (Ref. Ken Dimock and Fred Lantz).


            Children of Jabez Dimick and Mary Marcy Newcomb, all b. Boston, MA

                        1) Mercy (Marcy): bp.-15 Mar 1724, Boston, MA, d.-24 Dec 1787, m.-15 July 1742, Wethersfield, CT, 

                               Abraham Nott. One descendant of Mercy is Barbara O. O'Heaney. In 1995 her address was 329 

                                Myrtle Ave., Albany, NY, 12208-3512.

                        2) Mary: bp.-29 Jan 1727 at Old North Church, Boston, MA, d.-?, m.-22 June 1750, Gloucester, MA, 

                            Edward Gearing

                        3) Bethia: bp.-3 May 1730, Falmouth, ME, First Church, m.-2 Aug 1753, Glouster, MA, David                                   Day. A descendant of Bethia is Virginia Cordes, who in 1995 lived at 1085 Powder Horn Dr.,                             Glen Mills, PA, 19342-9504.

                        4) Bathsheba: bp.-10 June 1733, Falmouth, ME, First Church

                        5) Desire: bp.-ca 1737, Falmouth, ME, First Church


4-6       Timothy4 Dimick (Dimmock/Dimmick) (Timothy3, Shubael2, Thomas1), son of (3-3) Timothy Dimick and Abigail Doane, b.-2 June 1703, Mansfield, CT, d.-1741, Mansfield, CT, m.-10 Mar 1726, Ashford, CT, Miriam Fuller.


            Children of Timothy Dimick and Miriam Fuller, all b. Ashford, CT:

                        1)  Ann: b.-8 Dec 1726, d.-28 Sept 1811, Mansfield, CT, m.-17 June 1742, Mansfield, CT, Samuel 

                            Stetson, 3 ch.

                        2) Abigail: b.-21 Jan 1729, m.-17 May 1761, Mansfield, CT, Samuel Bosworth

                        3) Miriam (or Marrian): b.-5 June 1731, d.-1807 Mansfield, CT, age 77 yrs, m.-4 July 1750,  Mansfield, 

                            CT, William Cummings, 7 ch.

            5-44    4)  Timothy: b.-6 Dec 1733, d.-181g, Burlington, NY, m.l- Miss Barnum, m.2-Sally Ballard


4-7       John4 Dimick, I (Dimmock/Dimmick) (Timothy3, Shubael2, Thomas'), son of (3-3) Timothy Dimick and Abigail Doane, b.-3 Jan 1705, Mansfield, CT, d.-23 June 1789, age 85 yrs, Sullivan, NH, m.-10 Oct 1728, Ashford, CT, Hannah Kendall (Kimball). Both John and Hannah are buried in unmarked graves in the Old Four Corners Cemetery, Sullivan, NH. John and Hannah moved to Gilsum, NH ca.l766 from Guilford, CT. Previously they had lived many years in Ashford, CT. In 1777 they moved to Sullivan, NH.


            Children of John Dimick, I and Hannah Kendall (Kindall), all b. Ashford, CT, except last three:

                        1)  Hannah: b.-20 Aug 1729, m.l-18 Dec 1749, Ashford, CT, Samuel Thatcher, m.2-29 Aug                                          1787, Keene, NH, John Harvey, Sr.

                        2)  John: b.-9 Nov 1731, d.-10 July 1748, Ashford, CT, age 17 yrs.

                        3)  Joseph: b.-7 Oct 1733, d.-22 July 1748, Ashford, CT, age 15 yrs.

                        4)  Seble (Sybil): b.-9 Jan 1737, d.-24 Sept 1777, m.-9 May 1759, John Chapman

                        5)  Benjamin: b.-1 Dec 1739, d.-10 Nov 1759, Ashford, CT, age 20 yrs.

            5-16    6)  Isaac: b.-3 July 1743, Willington, CT, d.- ?

            5-17    7)   Timothy: b.-1 Aug 1745, Willington, CT, d.-21 Apr 1807, m.-30 May 1782, Sarah Beals                                    (Beel) of Sullivan, NH

            5-18    8)  John, II: b.-l9 Oct 1748, Ashford, CT, d.-25 Feb 1823


4-8       Shubael4 Dimick (Dimmock/Dimock) (Timothy3, Shubael2, Thomas'), son of (3-3) Timothy Dimick and Abigail Doane, b.-27 May 1707, Mansfield, Windham Co, CT, d.-24 May 1781, buried in Scotch Village, Hants Co., Nova Scotia, m.1-11 Dec 1731, Mansfield, CT, Priscilla Hovey (she d.14 Mar 1747 Mansfield, CT), m.2-10 Nov 1747, Mansfield, CT, Eunice Marsh (she d.1768) m.3-3 Oct 1768, Falmouth, NS, Mrs. Sarah Knowlton (Abraham) Marsters. Family moved from Mansfield, CT to Newport, NS, in 1759 because of religious persecution. Then in 1768 moved from Newport, NS to Falmouth, NS.


             Children of Shubael Dimick and Priscilla Hovey:

                        1)  Asa & Anne (twins): b.-14 Aug 1732, Mansfield, CT, Asa d.-29 Oct 1740, age 8 yrs, Anne                                      d.-18 July 1749, age 17 yrs

                        2)  Abigail: b.-16 July 1734, Mansfield, CT, d.-11 Dec 1737, Ashford, CT, age 3 yrs.

            5-19    3)  Daniel: b.-24 Sept 1736, Ashford, CT, d.-5 Apr 1805, Newport, NS, Canada, age 69 yrs

                        4) Shubael: b.-16 July 1737, Ashford, CT, d.-8 Nov 1740 age 3 yrs.

            5-20    5)  Asa: b.-18 Dec 1740, Ashford, CT, d.-1792/3, N.S., Canada, m.- Debra Cooney

                        6) Abigail: b.-23 Aug 1742, Mansfield, CT, d.- ?, m.l-14 Nov 1759, Mansfield, CT, Amos                                            Marsh, 3 ch., m.2-Mr. Howard (Joseph Hyde, Jr.?), no ch.


            Children of Shubael Dimick and Eunice Marsh:

                        1) Lydia: b.:27 Aug 1748, Mansfield, CT, m.-Benona Sweet, 9 ch.

                        2) Eunice: b.-27 June 1751, Mansfield, CT, she d. same year

            5-21    3) Shubael: b.-24 Mar 1753, Mansfield, CT

                        4) Eunice: b.-27 June 1755, m. l-Hugh Smith, 6 ch., m.2-John Marsters (his 2nd marriage) no ch.

                        5) Tryphena: b.-in Nova Scotia, m.-John Marsters (his 1st marriage), 4 sons. John m.-(4-8-4)                                         Eunice after Hugh Smith died.

                        6) Tryphrosa: b.-ca 1757-1759 in Nova Scotia, m.-Thomas Baker, 6 ch.

                        7) Hannah: b.-26 Jan 1762, Hants Co., Nova Scotia, did not marry


             Children of Shubael Dimick and Mrs. Sarah Knowlton (Abraham) Marsters:

            5-22     1) Timothy: b.-1770, Nova Scotia, m.-Mary Parker, 7 sons, 1 dau.


4-9       Daniel4 Dimick (Dimock) (Timothy3, Shubael2, Thomas'), son of (3-3) Timothy Dimick and Abigail Doane, b.-28 Jan 1710, Mansfield, CT, d.-3 Oct 1757 probably Wrightstown, Bucks Co., PA, m.-23 Nov 1732, Windham, CT, Mary Terrell.


            Children of Daniel Dimick and Mary Terrell, all b. Windham, CT:

                        1)  Phebe: b.-8 Dec 1733, m.-12 May 1757, Coventry, CT, James Hawkins as his second wife, 1 ch.

                        2)  Joanna: bp.-8 Feb 1736, d.-1 Apr 1816, Windham, CT, m.-26 May 1763, Coventry, CT, Samuel 

                               Curtis, Jr.


4-10     Israel4 Dimick (Dimmock) (Timothy3, Shubael2, Thomas1), son of (3-3) Timothy Dimick and Abigail Doane, b.-22 Dec 1712, Mansfield, CT, d.-10 Mar 1788, Windham, CT, age 75 yrs, m.-1733 Elizabeth Follett (b.6 Dec 1707, d.Aug 1778). She was dau. of Benjamin Follett who m.-(3-3) Abigail Doan Dimick.


             Children of Israel Dimick and Elizabeth Follett, all b. Windham, CT:

                        1)  Rebecca: bp.-4 Aug 1734, m.-19 Oct 1756, Jeduthan Simonds

                        2)  Elizabeth: bp.-13 Jan 1736, m.-11 Apr 1760, Ashford, CT, Josiah Chaffee

                        3)  Patience: bp.-28 Aug 1743, d.-15 May 1797, Windham, CT

                        4)  Diademia: bp.-17 May 1747, m.-31 Mar 1765, Windham, CT, Perez Tracy, 5 ch.


4-11       Ebenezer4 Dimick (Dimmock) (Timothy3, Shubael2, Thomas1), son of (3-3) Timothy Dimick and Abigail Doane, b.-22 Nov 1715 Mansfield, CT, d.-1 Dec 1802, age 87 yrs, Ashford, CT, buried in Ashford-Westford Hill Cemetery, Ashford, CT, m.-27 Sept 1739, Ashford, CT, Mary E. Keyes. Ebenezer was Senator and was the Grandfather of Col. J. Dimick of the U.S. Army in command at Fort Monroe at the beginning of the Rebellion, and subsequently Fort Warren, Boston Harbor. Ebenezer fought in the French and Indian War from 18 Mar-3 Dec 1762, and for a short time in the Rev. War.


            Children of Ebenezer Dimick and Mary E. Keyes, all b. Ashford, CT:

                        1)             Abigail: b.-12 Mar 1740, d.- ?, m.-Mr. Hastings and went West

                        2)             Ebenezer: b.-11 Dec 1741, d.-1741

                        3)             Mary (Molly): b.-13 Apr 1743, died unmarried, Willington, CT

            5-23             4)             Solomon: b.-29 Apr 1745, d.-26 Jan 1797, m.1-Elizabeth Beebe, m.2-Electa Bird Hull

            5-42             5)             Ebenezer: b.-10 Sept 1747, m.-Bersheba Simons

            5-27             6)             Elias: b.4 July 1760, m.-Lydia Warren

            5-24             7)             Abel: b.-8 May 1750, m. l-Theoda Burbank, m.2-Sylvana Wheeler

            5-25             8)             Daniel: b.-15 July 1751, m.1- Zilpah Simmons, m.2-Hannah Marcy

            5-43             9)             Mores: b.-25 June 1764, d.-184?, Talmadge, OH, m.-Betsy Downs

                        10) Miriam: b.-29 Apr 1755, m.-15 Oct 1774, Ashford, CT, Elias Burbank (or possibly Mr.                                          Fairham)

            5-26             11) Benjamin: b.-30 Sept 1757, Ashford, CT, d.-2 Aug 1850, age 93 yrs, Wilton, NY, m. 1-                                            Eleanor Cummings, m.2-Hopeful Elmore

            5-15             12) Timothy: b.- ?, d.- ?, m.-Hulda Snow


4-12       Samuel4 Dimick (Dimock) (Shubael3,2, Thomas'), son of (3-4) Shubael Dimick and Tabitha Lathrop, b.-17 May 1702, Barnstable, MA, d.-1775 in Rocky Hill, Hartford Co., CT. Was a sea captain, also was captain in King George’s war and served in French and Indian War May-Aug 1755 (ref. p.341- Gen Notes Barnstable Families), m.-1 June 1724, Barnstable, MA, Hannah Davis. Samuel and Hannah moved to Tolland, CT from Barnstable, MA in 1739, then to Saybrook, CT ca 1745, where he was Justice of the Peace 1746-50 and again in 1755. Hannah Davis b.5 Mar 1705, Barnstable, MA, d.13 Oct 1755.


            Children of Samuel Dimick and Hannah Davis:

                        1)             Mehitable: b.-25 Apr 1725, Barnstable, MA, d.-1730, age 5 yrs

            5-28             2)             Samuel: b.-17 Oct 1726, Barnstable, MA, d.-1775,

                        3)             Hannah: b.-26 Nov 1728, Barnstable, MA, d.-28 Feb 1819, Hartland, CT, m.-15 Nov 1748,                                       East Haddam, CT, Thomas Fuller

            5-29             4)             Shubael: b.-31 Jan 1731, d.-1804, Lyme, NH, m.1-Lydia Stearns, m.2-Lydia Polk

            5-30             5)             Joseph: b.-l9 Feb 1733, Barnstable, MA, d.-1825

                        6)             Mehitable: b.-29 Sept 1735, Barnstable, MA, d.-12 July 1739, Tolland, CT, age 4 yrs

                        7)             Daniel: b.-28 May 1738, Barnstable, MA, d.-24 July 1739, Tolland, CT., age I yr

            5-31             8)             Daniel: b.-30 Oct 1740, Tolland, CT, d.- ?, m.-1762 to Thankful Merriam

                        9)             Joanna: b.-27 Apr 1743, Tolland, CT, m.-Edward Shipman, 1760, Chester, CT

                        10) Dorcas: b.-1744, Rocky Hill, CT, d.-18 Dec 1785, m.1-26 Apr 1768, William Gilbert, m.2-                                        1773 David Brainerd.

            5-32             11) David: b.-13 July 1745, Rocky Hill, CT, d.-14 Feb 1832, age 87, Montrose, PA, m. l-5 Oct                                            1767, Sarah Green, m.2-1813, Widow Sarah Stanton

                        12) Bathsheba: b.-ca 1734, Barnstable, MA, d.-28 Mar 1807, Seymour, CT, age 73 yrs, m.- 30                                            Jan 1755, Wethersfield, .CT, Benjamin Collins

                        13) Mehitable: b.-24 Sept 1747, Saybrook, CT, d.-10 Feb 1798, m.-22 Dec 1763, Chester, CT,                                        Jared Clark


4-13         Peter4 Dimick (Benjamin3, Shubael2, Thomas1), of Mansfield, CT, son of (3-6) Benjamin Dimick and Mary Thatcher, b.-1717, bp.-15 Sept 1717, Mansfield, CT,- d.-30 July 1810, Mansfield, CT, m.-30 Mar 1738, Mansfield, CT, Elizabeth Chamberlain.


            Children of Peter Dimick and Elizabeth Chamberlain, all b. Mansfield, CT:

                        1)             Dinah: b.-16 Mar 1740, d.-16 Jan 1767, m.-31 Oct 1765, Mansfield, CT, Amariah Williams

                        2)             Peter: b. & d.-6 Mar 1742

                        3)             Elizabeth Mary: b.-10 Feb 1744, m.-25 Dec 1760, Mansfield, CT, Jacob Hovey, 1 ch.

            5-39             4)             Joseph: b.-27 Feb 1746, d.-26 Feb 1820,

                        5)             Sebell (Sybil): b.-10 Oct 1749

                        6)             Abigail: b.-10 June 1751, d.-19 Dec 1771, m.-20 July 1768, Mansfield, CT, Eleasar Dunham,                                  3 ch.

                        7)             Benjamin: b.-24 Feb 1753

                        8)             Ruth: b.-3 Feb 1757

                        9)             Miriam: b.-24 Sept 1759, m.-1779, Mansfield, CT, James Wills

            5-40             10) Peter: b.-11 Aug 1761, d.-1832


4-14       Shubael4 Dimick, III (Dimock) (Shubael3,2, Thomas1), son of (3-4) Shubael Dimick and Tabitha Lathrop, bp.-Apr 1706, Barnstable, MA, d.-26 June 1788, age 82 yrs, Mansfield, CT, m.-25 Jan 1739, Mansfield, CT, Ester Pierce, both buried in Gurley Cemetery, Mansfield, CT (Ester d.-12 Mar 1805, age 92 yrs). Shubael fought in French and Indian War 9 Aug-23 Aug 1757.


NOTE: Some sources indicate the Shubael m.-Ester Pierce was son of (3-3) Timothy Dimick and Abigail Doane. However, town birth records from Mansfield, CT, indicate this (4-14) Shubael m.- Ester Pierce. Research by (8-2) Susan Whitney Dimock and Joel Eno concur.


            Children of Shubael Dimick, III and Ester Pierce, all b. Mansfield, CT:

            5-41             1)             Jeduthan (Jonathan): b.-15 Dec 1739, d.-?, m x 2.

                        2)             Esther: bp.-17 Aug 1742, Mansfield, CT, d.-11 Aug 1831, Dorset, MA, m.- 25 Aug 1763,                                            Mansfield, CT, John Farwell, 3 ch.

                        3)             Ephraim: b.-22 Mar 1744, d.-?

            5-45             4)             Ichabod: b.-13 Mar 1746, d.-30 June 1795, m.-Jemima

            5-33             5)             Edward: b.-5 June 1748, d.-19 Sept 1836, m x 2

            5-46             6)             Samuel: b.-29 Nov 1750, d.-?, m.- Eleanor

            5-34             7)             Eliphalet: b.-12 Mar 1753, m.-Anna Freeman

                        8)             Abigail: b.-14 June 1755, m.-17 Mar 1795, Frederick Freeman.

            5-35             9)             Shubael, 1V: b.4 Oct 1757, d.-8 Mar 1828, Mansfield, CT


4-15     Ensign4 Dimick (Dimmock) (Joseph3, Shubael2, Thomas'), son of (3-5) Joseph Dimick and Lydia Fuller, b.-8 Mar 1709, Barnstable, MA, d.- ?, m.-19 Oct 1731, Barnstable, MA, Abigail Tobey of Sandwich, MA.


            Children of Ensign Dimick and Abigail Tobey, all b. Barnstable, MA:

                        1)             Thomas: b.-29 Oct 1732

                        2)             Mehitable: b.-12 Apr 1735

            5-48             3)             Joseph: b.-12 July 1740, d.-1815, m.-Elizabeth ~ . He was a Tory and came from Windham,                                            CT in 1782 to Norwich (Huntington), MA

                        4)             Jeduthan: b.- ?

                        5)             Lot: b.- ?


4-16       Thomas4 Dimick (Dimmock) (Joseph3, Shubael2, Thomas'), son of (3-5) Joseph Dimick and Lydia Fuller, b.-26 Jan 1700, Barnstable, MA, d.-ca 1760, m.-Lydia Meacham and resided in Windham, CT. Thomas bought land in Becket, MA, in 1753 and sold it in 1754. The Dimocks of Norwich, MA (now Huntington, MA) are his descendants.


            Children of Thomas Dimick and Lydia Meacham:

            5-47             1)            Joseph: b.-1740, Barnstable, MA, m.-Elizabeth Kendall

                        2)             David: b.- ?

                        3)             Mehitable: b.- ?, d.-?, m.24 May 1759, Scotland, CT, David Luce

                        4)             Lucy: b.- ?


4-17     Perez4 Dimick (Benjamin3, Shubael2, Thomas'), son of (3-6) Benjamin Dimick and Mary Thatcher, b.-18 June 1704, Mansfield, CT, d.-1751, m.-5 Nov 1725, Mansfield, CT, Mary Bayley (or Baylo). Perez and family left Mansfield, CT after 1739.


            Children of Perez Dimick and Mary Bayley, all b. Mansfield, CT:

            5-36             1)             Samuel: b.-27 Nov 1726, Mansfield, CT

            5-37             2)             Benjamin: b.-9 Nov 1728, Mansfield, CT, d.-?, m.-1 Dec 1757, Mehitable Wellington

                        3)             Gideon: b.-23 May 1732

                        4)             Shubael: b.-1 Dec 1736, d.-12 Mar 1738, age 1 1/2 yrs

                        5)             Mary: b.-9 Oct 1739, d.-1833, Compton, Canada, m.-7 May 1761, Mansfield, CT, Rev.                                         Christopher Huntingdon, 10 ch.


4-18       Shubael4 Dimick (Dimock) (Benjamin3, Shubael2, Thomas'), son of (3-6) Benjamin Dimick and Mary Thatcher, b.-22 June 1715, Mansfield, CT, d.-Feb 1797, Brimfield, MA, later called Wales, MA, age 82 yrs, m.-2 Mar 1738 Mansfield, CT, Phebe Manley.


            Children of Shubael Dimick and Phebe Manley:

                        1)             Eunice: b.-11 Feb 1738 (twin of Shubael), m.-Nathaniel Dunham

                        2)             Manley: bp.-4 July 1742, Mansfield, CT, d.-20 Nov 1760, Norwich, CT, age 16 yrs

            5-38             3)             Gideon: b.-24 Mar 1751, Brimfield, MA, m.1-Sarah Davis, m.2-Polly Dimick

                        4)             Phebee: b.-14 Sept 1753, m.-23 Mar 1781, Solomon Nelson

                        5)             Shubael: b.-11 Feb 1738 (twin of Eunice), Mansfield, CT