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Christopher Heller (age 50) and his five sons, Simon (age 17), Michael, Daniel, Ludwig and Christopher, Jr., arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam on September 5, 1738. Colonial records only show Christopher and Simon (they only required registration of males over age 17), but Lower Saucon Church records contained the names of his other children.


Christopher settled in Lower Saucon Township, which was then in Bucks County, at the foot of the south slope of the Lehigh Mountain not far from the present village of Seidersville. He built his log house and large log barn and outbuildings on a tract that was an original purchase of 176 acres under warrant dated September 8, 1742. This plantation, as it was called, was known as ‘Delay'. Christopher lies buried in the cemetery at the lime Kiln Schoolhouse in Lower Saucon Township.


Simon Heller and a number of his brothers took up residence on a tract of land in Lower Saucon Township along the beautiful Saucon Creek. This early Heller settlement has since developed into the present Borough of Hellertown.

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Saucon Valley is named after the Saucona Indian tribe.

The Wassers settled in the Wassergass area.