Carmen's Rice and Beans

Caution: this recipe makes enough
for a LARGE family!


1 15oz to 16oz can of beans
2-1/2 cans of water (use the bean can)
1 package of Sazon
1/2 can tomato sauce (an 8oz can of Goya brand)
Adobo to taste (I'd estimate about 2 tbs )
1/4 cup homemade sofrito
1/2 cup oil

Mix the above in a large pot. Then put in 5 cups of white rice. Short grain is best.

Cook on medium-high to high until the water is boiling, then reduce to medium to medium-low.
Once the rice looks like it has absorbed the water, stir periodically until the rice is soft.

You can reduce the recipe by leaving all the ingredients the same but cut the rice by 1 cup
and the water by half a can.

You can use about any kind of beans. Pink beans are the most common, but black beans
and pigeon peas are very good.

You can also add bacon, ham, or sausage.