Dimmick Family Tree 
Generation 1 
D1-1) David Dimick was born on May 6, 1801 in Delaware Co. NY. Died 1/28/1885 in Ulysses NY. His wife was Rebecca born in 1807. She died 1/22/1877. Sometime in the 1830’s he moved to Broome County and stayed for a short period of time and then moved on to the Town of Ulysses (Trumansburg), NY. As best as I can tell David and Rebecca resided in the Podunk or Waterberg Road area of the Town of Ulysses. Records of the Methodist Church in Trumansburg in 1855 record a Mr D. Dimick and Mrs. Dimick (of Podunk Rd then crossed out and listed as Waterberg Road) as church members. Methodist church records of 1860 show that David Dimick and Mrs. Dimick were removed from the rolls of the church without a letter (a letter was a common way of officially resigning from the church). US census records as early as 1850 show David Dimick age 44, occupation laborer. David shows up on some records as Daniel. This seems to be because he made his small ‘d’ to look like an ‘al’. The 1860 US census lists Daniel age 57 (he aged 13 years in 10 years) living in the town of Newfield. The 1870 US census lists Daniel Dimick age 65 as a farm worker. Records of the Methodist Church in Trumansburg list Daniel and Rebecca as members. Cemetery records of the Grove Cemetery in Trumansburg list Rebecca Dimick as having died Feb 22 1877 at the age of 63 of congestion of the lungs. The same records list David Dimick as dying Feb 28 1885 at the age of 83 years, 8 months and 22 days of heart disease. The death is also listed in the Ithaca Journal of Mar 5 1885. Under the heading of “From the County House. … Daniel Dimich dropped down dead Feb 28th. He was buried by friends at Trumansburg”. Although the name is mispelled I am quite sure that is in fact David Dimick. Both David and Rebecca are buried in lot 141 Grove Cemetery in Trumansburg, NY David and Rebecca had six kids. 
D2-1) William Henry, b. 1831 
D2-2) Nancy M., born June 6, 1835 
D2-3) John W., born 1837 
D2-4) Mathew, born 1847 
D2-5) Harrison S., born March 7 1844  
D2-6) Sally Ann, born 1853 
Generation 2 
D2-1) William Henry Dimick was born (according to the 1875 Tompkins County census) in Broome County , NY. He was born approximately 1831-1832. He was raised and spent most of his life in the Trumansburg, Town of Ulysses area. The 1850 US Census lists him as 19 years of age living with his father David and his mother Rebecca giving him a birthday around 1831-1832. Sometime between 1850 and 1860 he married Melissa Richards also from the Trumansburg /Town of Ulysses area. The 1860 US Census shows William Dimick age 27 occupation Farm Laborer, his wife Melissa age 25 (making her birth date somewhere around 1835) his son George age 7, his daughter Eliza age 5, his daughter Rebecca (probably named after William’s mother) age 3 and his son Frank age 11 months. The 1870 US Census lists a George Dimick (Williams first child) living with a Louis Goodyear family as a farm laborer. This may have been a summer job for George who would have been about 17 years old. The same 1870 US Census lists William Dimick Occupation Farmer, his wife Melissa age 34 a daughter Eliza age 15, a daughter Rebecca age 13(according to records from the Grove Cemetery in Trumansburg, NY a Rebecca Dimick died of consumption the 23rd of Apr 1873 at the age of 15 years 8 months and 3 days and is buried in lot 141 of Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg, NY), a son Frank age 11, a son John age 9, a daughter Harriet age 7, a daughter Cora age 4 and a son William age 5 months. The 1875 Tompkins County NY Census shows William Dimick age 44 born in Broome County NY, occupation farmer, his wife Melissa, a son George age 22, a daughter Eliza age 20, a son Frank age 15, a son John age 12, a daughter Harriet age 10,a daughter Cora age 7, a son William age 5 and a daughter Stella age 3. The 1880 US Census lists William Dimick age 49 occupation Laborer, his wife Melissa age 45, a son John age 18 occupation Laborer, a daughter Harriet age 15,a daughter Cora age 13, a son William age 10, a daughter Estella age 8 and a son Adelbert age 4. The 1892 Tompkins County Census shows William Dimick age 61, his wife Melissa age 57, a daughter Stella (Estella) age 19, a son William Jr. age 23 occupation laborer and a son Delbert age 17. William Henry Dimick died 4 Apr 1892 at the age of 60 or 61. A note in the Ithaca Journal of that time states simply Wm Dimick died of consumption last Monday. The funeral services were held from his late residence on Gregg Street this Wednesday at 2 P.M. He is also buried in lot 141 Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg, NY. 
D3-11) George 1853 
D3-12) Eliza born 1855 
D3-13) Rebecca born 1857 died of consumption 4/23/1873 
D3-14) Frank born 1859 
D3-15) John born 1862 
D3-16) Harriett born 1880 
D3-17) Cora born 1867 
D3-18) William born 1870 
D3-18) Estelle born 1872 
D3-19) Adelbert born 1876 
D2-3) John W. Dimick was born in 1837. John does show up on a later Tompkins Co Census as a veteran of the US Civil War along with his brothers Harrison and Mathew. The Tompkins Co Census of 1865 makes reference to John as having served in the Civil War from August of 1861 for three years and then reenlisting for more years in 1864 in Boston Mass. 
D2-5) Harrison S. Dimick was born on March 7 1844, in Ulysses NY was married to Ellen Elizabeth Cook, who died 11/6/1876. They were married on 11/5/1864. They had three children. Harrison's second wife was Charlotte F. Cowell or Cowells, born on 11/29/1861, died 2/21/1943 in Woodhull, Steuben Co, NY. They were married on 2/21/1877. They had seven children. 
Children of Harrison and Ellen: 
D3-1) William Harold born on 11/17/1872  
D3-2) Osborne "Ott" E. born in 1875 
D3-3) Anna Georgia born in 1867 
Children of Harrison and Charlotte: 
D3-4) May Dimick born 1880 
D3-5) Frank B born 1881 
D3-6) Fred H born 1884 died 1917, buried in Townline Cemetery, Cameron Mills, NY 
D3-7) Nellie B born 1895 
D3-8) Mabel E born 1897 
D3-9) Ida May born 1879 in Canisteo, NY 
D3-10) Clara Rebecca born 12/12/1899 
Generation 3 
D3-1) William Harold Dimmick was born on 11/17/1872, died 2/6/1930. Married Clara Otilda Odenwelder. She was born 7/29/1887 and died 7/25/1964. They were married on 11/17/1897 in Easton. They had two children. 
D4-1) Edith born 1899 
D4-2) Harold Ray born 7/21/1900 
D3-2) Osborne "Ott" E. Dimick was born in 1875 in NY. He married Lizzie M. Keane, who was born in 1879 and died in 1929. They are buried in Townline Cemetery, Rathbone, Steuben, NY. Osborne and Lizzie had one child. 
D4-3) Ruth  
D3-3 Anna Georgia Dimick was born on March 07, 1844 in Newfield, NY in Tompkins Co. She married John Cranz. 
D3-5) Frank B Dimick was born in 1881. He married Mabel in Elmira, NY. 
D3-7) Nellie B Dimick was born in 1895 in Rathbone, Steuben Co., NY. She married Raymond Bonker who lived in Newton, NJ. Nellie and Raymond had two children. 
D4-4) Ellen 
D4-5) Janet  
D3-8) Mabel E. Dimick was born in 1897, in Cameron Mills, Steuben Co., NY. She married Ray Clark. 
D3-10) Clara Rebecca Dimick was born on December 12, 1899. She died on October 18, 1929 in Addison, Steuben Co, NY. She married Frank Russel Root on April 17, 1920 in Addison. Frank was born on December 17, 1902 in Addison. He served in the military in 1917 in France WW I. Clara and Frank had two children. 
D4-6) William Russell, born January 05, 1921 
D4-7) Janice Audrey, born August 24, 1923 
Generation 4 
D4-2) Harold Ray Dimmick was born on 7/21/1900, died 1975. Married to Florence Elizabeth Kressler who was born on February 08, 1900, and died in 1972. They had five children: 
D5-1) Ray Carl, born March 12, 1928 
D5-2) Doris Mae, born March 08, 1930 
D5-3) Robert William, born August 31, 1932 
D5-4) Wayne Ernest, born January 14, 1940 
D5-5) Alberta Elizabeth, born July 21 
D4-3) Ruth Dimick married Clarence Robinson. They lived in Hornell, NY. 
D4-5) Janet Bonker married Mr. Blaylock. Janet Blaylock had three children. 
D5-6) Kenny Blaylock 
D5-7) Shelly Blaylock 
D5-8) Shari Blaylock 
D4-6) William Russell Root was born on January 05, 1921 in Addison, Steuben Co, NY. He married Pauline Philips on December 26, 1941 in Addison. William died on April 30, 1987 in Addison. William and Pauline had four children. 
D5-9) Constance Corine born 1942 
D5-10) William Russell April 25, 1941, died April 25, 1987 
D5-11) Ruth Cherlyn "Cheri" born 1946  
D5-12) Bruce Franklin born March 23, 1962 
D4-7) Janice Audrey Root was born on August 24, 1923 in Addison, Steuben Co, NY. On March 26, 1946 she married Don Edgar King in Athens, PA. Don was born on January 14, 1922 in Adamsville, Jefferson Co, AL. Janice received her RN Nursing Diploma in 1946 from Robt. Packer Hospital, Athens, PA. Janice died on August 24, 1974 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL. Janice and Don had five children. 
D5-13) Carol Sue born May 11, 1947 
D5-14) Don Edgar Jr. born April 08, 1948 
D5-15) Charles Edwin born August 25, 1949 
D5-16) Robert Alan born May 04, 1951 
D5-17) Martha Lynn born August 31, 1954 
Generation 5 
D5-2) Doris Mae Dimmick was born on March 8, 1930. She married Albert Carl Davis, who was born on 2/22/1928. Doris and Albert had three children. 
D6-6) Karen Lynn, born November 08, 1953 
D6-7) Gail Marie, born August 10, 1955 
D6-8) Sandra Jean, born March 03, 1959 
D5-3) Robert William Dimmick, was born on August 31, 1932 in Easton, PA. Married Elizabeth Ann Lightcap, born December 03, 1936 in Easton, PA. Robert joined the US Air Force in 1952, just after the US Army Air Corp became the US Air Force, and served four years as a jet engine mechanic. Robert worked various jobs at Lehigh Foundry and Victaulic in Easton, PA. They were married on September 29, 1956 at St. James Lutheran Church, Phillipsburg, NJ. Addresses: 1107 Jackson St. Easton, PA 1972-198?; Phillipsburg, NJ. They had five children: 
D6-1) David Robert, born October 27, 1957 
D6-2) William Lee, born December 19, 1959 
D6-3) Ryan Andrew, born September 5, 1966 
D6-4) Joanna Beth, born December 14, 1969 
D6-5) Jena Sue, born November 1, 1971 
D5-5) Alberta Dimmick was born on July 21. She married Eddie Frey who was born on Alberta and Eddie had one child. 
D5-11) Ruth Cherlyn "Cheri" Root was born in 1946. She married Walter Davis.