Descendants of Thomas Dymoke

The Dimmick Family Tree

Generation One and Two





1-1      Thomas Dimick (Dymoke, Dimock, Dimmock, Dimocke) b.- in England, date, parents and location unknown, d. Barnstable, MA,1658/9. His will was probated 4 June 1658. It is theorized he was the son of Edward Dymoke of Pinchbeck, England. This Line is mentioned and questioned in several sources, none of which offer references of documented vital statistics to definitely make him a descendant of this family. Through this line it would make Thomas a descendant of the Dymokes of Scrivelsby, King's Champions of England, and of the King's of England through Edward III.


            Rev. Samuel Lodge, Canon of Lincolnshire and Rector of Scrivelsby, in his 1894 publication "Scrivelsby, The Home of the Champions", p.171-173, under the American branch of the Dymoke family wrote: "Much mystery centers round this Thomas Dymoke and it is highly probable that this mystery was designedly sustained". It has long been supposed a cadet of the Dymokes married into a Puritan family and that either he or his son disappeared from England about the end of the 16th century. There was undoubtedly at the time a very substantial reason for designedly destroying all traces of identification. If Thomas Dymoke, who left England as it is supposed, in company with a band of Puritans, was connected with the family of the Champions, there would have been the strongest inducement for secrecy and silence. We can easily see why a man in the position of Thomas Dymoke, who was probably closely connected with the Champion of the time, should desire above all things to efface himself and to begin his new life in his new home without the associations of his old belief and family connection.


            A reading of (8-25A-3) Robert S. Newton's - The Dimick Family - the Dymokes of England and some descendants of Elder Thomas Dimick of Barnstable, Plymouth Colony, compiled in 1989, is recommended for further information. Robert has done considerable and excellent research and has documented it well. See pages 19-28 regarding Thomas Dimick.


            Also, considerable information can be found in the thesis done by (8-155-1) Richard J. DuBourdieu - "Thomas Dimock, His Times and His Family: The World of an Early New England Settler" - May, 1991. Richard did considerable research for this work, and it also is well documented. See pages 115- 123 for discussion regarding Thomas' wife, Ann.


            Apparently Thomas married Ann in England, her birth date, family and location unknown. She was living in Barnstable, MA in Oct 1683, and probably d. before 1686 in Barnstable (not Watertown) although not recorded on town or church records. It is theorized she was a Hammond, but extensive research has shown she was not the dau. Ann of William Hammond and his wife Elizabeth Paine of Lavenham, England, b. 14 July 1616 in Lavenham, Suffolk Co., England (Ref: "History of Hammond Family in America, 1000-1902", by Frederick Stam Hammond, 1902). Anne Hammond m. twice but not to Thomas. Their first dau. Ann d. in England in 1615. Nor was she a dau. of William Hammond and his wife Elizabeth Penn (Ref: "Descendants of William Hammond of London, England and his wife Elizabeth Penn", by Roland Hammond, 1894) They had no dau. Ann.


            Thomas Dimick and Ann were m. in England, and according to the port books had a family prior to their sailing to America On May 8, 1635, Thomas and his family sailed from Weymouth, England aboard the ship Hopewell, destination Mahachusulest Bay, New England (Ref: NGS Quarterly, Sept. 1983, Vol. 71, p.174). They first resided in Dorchester in which Thomas was one of the selectmen in 1635, as shown in the History of Dorchester, MA. Since leaving England, Thomas' name has been recorded as Demick, Dimocke, Dimmock, Dimock and Dimmick.


            In 1636 they moved to Scituate, MA and then in 1637 to Hingham, MA. In 1639 they moved to Barnstable, MA He was granted lands in Barnstable, MA in 1639. In the same year he was appointed by the Colony Court "to exercise the Barnstable men in their arms". He was appointed to Plymouth Colony Court 1640,1641,1642,1648,1649,1650, was on the Plymouth Colony Council of War i642, and Lieutenant in Militia 1642. He was named Elder of the church of Barnstable in 1650. Thomas Dimick was one of the first town officers of Barnstable. The early history of Barnstable and Thomas Dimick cannot be separated (p.332 Otis Vol.1-2). He was the leading man and in some way connected with all acts of the first settlers.


All descendants of Thomas Dimick are eligible for membership in Founder and Patriots. Reference: Genealogical Notes on Barnstable Families, Vol. I & II, pub. 1888-whole chapter on Dimick descendants of Elder Thomas, p. 328-345. Thomas Dimick is a "Founder" for the Order of Founders and Patriots of America (OFPA). His descendants may qualify for OFPA membership if 1) they are men over 18 years of age, 2) citizens of the U.S.A., and 3) one of their lineal ancestors of the period 1775 to 1783 was a "Patriot" who supported the cause of the American Revolution.



1) "Founder & Patriots" - came as Thomas Dimick on "Hopewell" 1635 landing at Dorchester, MA. Dorchester, MA town records 4 Jan 1635: Mr. Dimick "one of the proprietors shall have great lots".

His was 20 acres. Dorchester settled 1634. Records for 1630-32 burned.

2) Swift's Barnstable, MA Families, Vol. I, p.328.

3) Morrison's History of Windham, NH, 437.

4) Hughes American Ancestry, IV, p.189.

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7) The Granberry Family and Allied Families, by Donald L. Jacobus, p. 209-10.

Children of Thomas Dimick and Anne 7; all b. Barnstable, MA:

1) Susanna: b.-ca 1635, d.-6 Sept 1692, Barnstable, MA, m.-1667, Robert Shelly, 4 ch.

2) Timothy: bp.-12 Jan 1639, Bamstable, MA by Rev. Lothrop, d.-I7 June 1640 inBamstable,

MA Timothy was the first of the English to die in Bamstable, and was buried in the lower

side of Calves pasture.

3) Son (twin): d.-10 Mar 1641

4) Dau. (twin): d.-10 Mar 1641

5) Mehitable: bp.-18 Apr 1642 Barnstable, MA, d.-18 Aug 1676, age 34, m.-30 Mar 1662,

Richard Child,8 ch. One descendant of Mehitable is Edward K. True. In 1995 his address

was P.O. Box 483, Searsport, ME 04974.

2-1      6) Shubael: b.-ca 1642, bp.-15 Sept 1644, Barnstable, MA, d.-29 Oct 1732, Mansfield, CT, age 91 yrs.

7) Elizabeth: b.-1646, d.-1686, m.-Knyvet Sears



2-1       Shubael2 Dimick, I (Dimmuck) (Dimmock) (Thomas1), called "Ensign" and "Deacon", son of (1-1) Thomas Dimick and Anne 0, b.-ca l642. bp.-15 Sept 1644, Barnstable, MA, d.-29 Oct 1732, Mansfield, CT, age 91 yrs., m.-Apr 1663, Barnstable, MA, Joanna Bursley (b.-1 Mar 1644 - d.- 8 May 1727, Mansfield, CT, age 83, Barnstable, MA). Joanna's parents were John Bursley and Joanna Hull. Shubael was Ensign in the Militia; Selectman in Barnstable 1685-86; deputy of Colony Court, 1685, 1686, 1689. About 1693 Shubael and Joanna moved to Windham, CT locating in the part of town known as Ponde Place, now Mansfield Center. In 1703 the town of Mansfield was taken from Windham. In Mansfield, CT he was known as Deacon Dimick, an elder in Congregational Church. (Ref p.338-339, Gen. Notes on Barnstable Families). Buried in Mansfield Center Cemetery, CT. He wrote his name as Dimmuck and Dimmock.

Children of Shubael Dimick and Joanna Bursley, all b. Barnstable, MA:

3-1      1) Thomas: b.-4 Apr 1664, d.-9 Sept 1697, m.-1686 Desire Sturgis, 5 children. Desire was

descendant of John Howland of the Mayflower.

3-2       2) John: b. -Jan 1666, d.- 16 Dec 1756, Falmouth, MA, m.-16 Nov 1689, Barnstable, MA to

Elizabeth Lumbert

3-3       3) Timothy: b. -Mar 1668, d.-1718, Ashford, CT

3-4       4) Shubael, II: b. -Feb 1673, d.- 1728 in Barnstable, MA

3-5       5) Joseph: b. -Sept 1675, d.-1755 m.-12 May 1699, Lydia Fuller

6) Mehitable: b. -Sept 1677, d.- 13 Aug 1705, Barnstable, MA

3-6       7) Benjamin: b. - 10 Mar 168O, d 30 June 1751, m. l-Mary Thatcher, m.2-1719 Elizabeth ?

8) Joannah: b.-Mar 1682, d.-17 May 1766, m.-6 Oct 1709 Windham, CT, Josiah Conant, had

1 ch., Shubael Conant

9) Thankful: b.-Nov 1684, d.-13 Dec 1757, Windham, CT, buried next to husband in Palmerton Cemetery, Scotland, CT, m.-28 June 1706, Deacon Edward Waldo, 10 ch. One lineage is: Shubael Waldo; Samuel Waldo; Abig~l Waldo Marsh; W~lliam Marsh; Lucy Marsh Miller; William G. Morrow; John Harvey Morrow; Ester Morrow; Anne Morrow Nees. In 1995 Mrs. Anne M Nees lived at 6612 W. 93rd St., Apt. B, Overland Park, KS, 66212 (913-341-0512).

Other descendants of Thankful are:

- Mary Elizabeth Hull, in 1995 lived at RR I, Box 216, El Dorado, KS, 67042.

- Patricia Anne Carroll Koch, in 1995 lived at 2001 Lakewood Ave., Lima, OH, 45805-3143.

- Catherine Kubenka, in 1995 lived at Rt. 3, Box 134, Beeville, TX 78102.

- Judy Vargason, in 1995 lived at 1571 Hunt Creek Road, Nichols, NY, 13812

- Hal Young, in 1995 lived at 120 Baldwin Lane. Port Ludlow, WA, 98365-9615

- Mrs. Carole Suozzi, in 1995 lived at 93 E. Horizon Circle, Tucson, AZ, 85737-7915



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